Grape Creek Vineyards

This weekend was amazing! We met with a group of friends from Puerto Rico that traveled from allover and went to Fredericksburg, TX, a quaint German town in the Hill Country, Northeast of San Antonio. The night before we had gone to Rainey St. in Austin, but that’s a whole other story. The vineyards and wineries in … More Grape Creek Vineyards

Rainy daze

San Antonio has the craziest weather I’ve ever experienced. In the Fall, the temperature can be 80° for a week, and the next it suddenly drops to 30°. This week we’re having a cold front so it’s all cold and rainy. At least, during the day it hasn’t been so bad. I did have to … More Rainy daze

Jog to it!

 To all the Victoria’s Secret Pink or Juicy (across the butt) toting girls that wander about airports in their Snookified furry slippers, there IS such a thing as a chic way to wear sweats outside the house. The outfit styled by Intermix is ultra chic, but with a whopping price tag over $2,000 it’s just … More Jog to it!

Going Vegan

It’s been quite some time since my last post. Work and relocating to a different state is a lot harder than I thought. But I can definitely say that being able to enjoy the changing seasons makes me quite happy, because, having lived on a tropical island for the better part of my life, now … More Going Vegan