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My Fitness Journey

I have always been fairly athletic. In High School, I was in all the available sports teams, volleyball, basketball, track, cheerleading, dance and even once our failed attempt at a Co-ed soccer team. As I got older, I was less and less able to join teams, but would habitually stay involved in dancing, running and …

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Tourist in My City

What is one thing I miss these days? Travel. My previous job had me traveling the world for 12 years. I won’t lie; it was hard at times. Living out of a suitcase, being gone for a month or more at a time, missing my husband and fur-baby, missing out on important life moments with … More Tourist in My City

Holidays at Home

Christmas may have come and gone, but the Christmastime and the Holidays are still going strong. I’m sure many would agree when I say that this year, more than ever, we need to keep up as much holiday cheer as possible. I grew up in a Dominican household between New York and Puerto Rico, so … More Holidays at Home


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