Coastal Livin’

This weekend I visited the coast. The day was absolutely beautiful! I’m starting to really enjoy the summer in Texas, and it’s almost over. Thankfully, the warm weather lasts through almost mid-September, so I’m hoping to explore more of the state’s summer funtastic places. I wore a super light maxi dress, and it was a … More Coastal Livin’

I tube, Youtube!

You guys, I’m so happy to announce that my Youtube channel is up and running! I’ll be sharing fun videos on Pairing Ideas, Styling Tips, DIY, Shopping Hauls and so much more. Subscribe to the channel by clicking:  The Fashion Lotus  Thank you!!


Summer is officially here in Texas! Warm weather and the accompanying style is back. H&M just opened in San Antonio and although I didn’t camp out overnight for the Grand Opening I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of going to the event. The music was pumping and the Opening Sales were amazing! I got a … More Joy


Happy Monday! Last week, I played the part of Tour Guide when my Dad and baby (not-so-baby) sister came to visit in San Antonio. We went to The Alamo, the Riverwalk and just took them everywhere I could think of. We had a blast! The weather is starting to get warm so they came at … More Riverwalk


I just came back from a work trip in Chicago and I had a wonderful time. I had the opportunity to stay over the weekend and explore the city. I marveled at the architectural wonders, the beautiful art scene and the Navy Pier. I also went off the beaten path and discovered amazing restaurants, secret … More Chi-town