Lunch at Pharm Table

Happy Friday, loves! In my quest for healthy food options, knowing that I can’t always bring lunch to work from home, I have found the most amazing café close to my downtown office. I actually learned about Pharm Table online, via Instagram through my foodie friends’ pics. I was elated when I found that they were part of Uber Eats, so I ordered my first meal from them about 2 weeks ago. I tried the Quinoa Pizza, and it was delicious! So, when I had a meeting at our downtown office, I looked up to see what healthy restaurants were around, and what’ll you know, Pharm Table was a 5 minute walk from there! Pharm Table offers weekly meal plans for your vegan, high protein, low carb, or cleansing needs. They also have delicious desserts like their vegan cashew “cheesecake” and chocolate truffles. They treat food like medicine, as it should be and it’s all packed with flavor. From soups, to salads, to pizza and ceviche, they offer a wide variety of delicious healthy foods, all sourced from local farms.  For lunch, I had the zucchini soup and the ceviche with organic sweet potato mash, which is served on Thursdays and Fridays. They serve the food in interesting plates and bowls and all the tableware is sustainable, zero disposable plastics. I have to say, I really enjoyed my dining experience with them. Just really amazing, feel good, delicious food.

Quinoa pizza with shredded chicken. Ordered via Uber Eats.

Ceviche is served on Thursdays and Fridays

17 thoughts on “Lunch at Pharm Table

  1. What a cute little place! I love their interior and the food looks delish! Thanks for sharing, girlie, and I hope you have a wonderful day!XO,


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