Secret Santa

‘Tis the season and I couldn’t be more excited! My Christmas gift is already here, and my fiancee has definitely outdone himself this year. I, jokingly, asked for a new camera, for the blog of course, and he got it for me!! Although I know what it is, I insist on wrapping it up and putting it under the tree to open only on Christmas Day. I love the magic of that day so much, I’m gonna be extra patient and not touch it until then. I got him the Limited Edition “Zelda”Wii U, and it is safely hidden so he won’t start playing before the day. there’s nothing better than playing with your new toys in your PJ’s all Christmas Day. Of course, there are other gifts we’ll be getting and that’s from the popular Secret Santa at work. Usually the standard budget is $25.

I like Secret Santa gifts that are thoughtful and not just a gift card. It helps when you really know your coworker well, but if you don’t, whoever is organizing the event can email a simple questionnaire in order to get a better picture of your wishlist. Also allows you, the giftee to think of things you’d like from your Secret Santa.

1) What is your favorite candy/chocolate?
2) Do you have any hobbies/ crafts?
3) Do you listen to music? What is you favorite genre/artist?
4) Favorite color
5) Favorite magazine/book
6) Favorite movie or play
7) Favorite Sports team
8) Favorite restaurant
9) Trinkets/ Tool / Gadgets
10) What do you really want from Santa?

For the Beauty Queen
Ciaté Tree Trinkets $21

Benefit Good Time Gals $17

Bath & Body Works Gift Set $16.50

For the Movie Buff
The Great Gatsby Special Edition DVD $21.16
Man of Steel Combo Pack $24.96
 For the Wine Connoisseur
Wine Bottle Opener Set $19.50

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