For my friends: Gifts under $25

If you’re on a budget, you don’t really want to spend that much money on certain Friends and distant family, but you want to show them your appreciation or a token of affection with a gift during the Holidays. Check out these options under $25. You still have some time in the next 10 days, unless you’re ordering online, then HURRY!!

Best Buds

2.  Mini Speakers $19.99
3. Beer set $19.99
Gal Pals
1. Natural Soy Wax Alphabet Candle $7.26 Asos
2. Leather And Pony Key chain With Tassel And Card Holder
$21.78 Asos
3.  Nails Inc. Autumn Winter Collection $25 Sephora
4. Au Revoir Izak Mini Brush set $18 Sephora

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