Goodwill Online. Is it worth it?

Hi friends! Took a mini break, but I’m back! I don’t know about you but working from home has kept me busier than ever, and with the most tense week(s) in American History, I needed some time off. Today, we’re back with some great Goodwill Finds. I’ve been shopping their online store and it’s 1000% addictive! The shopping experience on is similar to E-bay where you bid on items while some have the options to Buy Now. There’s a bit of a thrill behind the bidding war. My personal technique is to add the item to my Watchlist and set a timer on my phone. I’ll go in at the last couple of seconds and place my bid. I’ve had some luck on items I won, but those Doc Marten’s Boots I wanted slipped away by just a few seconds. I admit I was disappointed but the experience is definitely exhilarating!

I found these Zara Corduroy cropped flares for only $9.99 in perfect condition and absolutely perfect for Fall/Winter. I paired them with a cream sweater I’ve owned for a few years, vegan suede booties from JustFab and a vegan leather bag (I swear it’s like butter!).

Usually when I shop in-store at Goodwill, I have an idea of what I’m looking for, but I keep a pretty open mind for extraordinary finds I may come across. Online, I take a different approach. There is so much to shop and so many categories to search through. They carry high-end designers, vintage and truly one of a kind, unique finds. In the search box, I’ll type in a brand or designer, or a specific style I’m looking for. I found these pants by just typing in Zara. In fact, I found a couple of great Zara pieces, some Free People and more, which I’ll be sharing in future posts, but I still have my eye on those Doc Marten’s Boots. Hopefully, I can snag them soon! Shopping their online store not only connects you to your local Goodwill, but all stores across the Nation. You can shop from the comfort of your home, safely and still snag some incredible deals. Try it for yourself, I know you’ll fall in love like I have!

Photo credits: Anna Angenend Photography

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