A shoe-in

Spring approaches, so I’ll be stocking up on city flats, and these amazing designer inspired smoking slippers are a shoe-in (pun intended). As the frugal fashionista that I am, it is my duty to share my nearly incredible fashion finds. While I’m well aware that there is a fine line between “designer inspired” fashion and a knock off, I like to think that as long as the product doesn’t bear the name of the original, trying to pretend to be a designer brand, I’ll call it “inspired” and I’m able to sleep like a baby at night. Check out these shoes, compare and tell me what you think. Is this borderline wrong or would you rock these awesome flats without a guilty conscience?

Charlotte Olympia $595


Velvet Cat Loafers $16.90
Go Jane

Alexander McQueen $645


Sequin Skull Loafers $15.70
Go Jane

Charlotte Olympia $675


Liliana Spider Loafer $24.90
Urban OG

Hadleigh $495


Silhouette Loafers $20.40
Go Jane

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