Closet Clean-out

I know, it’s hard to part with that dress or those slacks that you’ve had forever, but if they’re old, weathered or just don’t fit you right, you have to get rid of them! I’m gonna share with you a few tricks to clean out your closet the right way.
When I moved from Puerto Rico to San Antonio nearly 5 months ago, I had to decide what I immediately needed and what I was going to pack for the movers to take away. So, I made 3 piles: 1. Keep 2. Donate 3. Throw away. Each pile included clothes, shoes, handbags and jewelry. I gave away so many things, mostly from past styles, and/or that were ill-fitting at that point. Even after donating and getting rid of over 3 Hefty bags full of stuff, I had brought a large suitcase full of clothes and the movers had delivered 2 huge boxes of clothes, one of shoes and another with handbags.
So today, I went out for a home goods shopping and, I almost bought more clothes hangers. It dawned on me that I still have about 5-10 pieces of clothing and shoes that still have tags on them and even more that I’ve only worn once. Of course, my closet is too full! So I decided, that for each new item that I buy, I’m getting rid of something that is old. Another neat trick you can try is every time you use an article of clothing, turn the hanger around. Look back into your closet 1 year after you start and get rid of every item that you haven’t worn in that year. If it’s in good condition, you can either donate it, sell it at a Thrift store, or sell it online like on Ebay. 
I recently discovered Threadflip, an online flip store in which you can sell and buy clothes, jewelry, shoes, and handbags from fellow fashionistas (Men and Women). The product has to be in excellent condition and it is regulated, tagged and sold buy them for you. They send you the prepaid bags to send over your items for them to revise, price, take pictures and post. After selling the item, you get a check from them for 60% of the earnings from the sale. I just picked out the stuff I’ll be selling with Threadflip and I’m so excited to know that someone else will love those pieces as much as I have!

Hope these tips help in your Spring Cleaning!
Xo Jeanelly

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