DIY Collar Brooch Necklace

During the Holidays, I’m taking some time off from work to enjoy my new home, the lovely company of my fiancee and dog, and do a little site-seeing. During my “staycation”, I decided to get back to my crafty roots and work on some DIY projects. Back in my college years I got into sewing, making jewelry and other fun little craft projects. Yesterday, I kicked off my renewed DIY-ness by making a replica of the Charlotte Olympia Pandora clutch. Today, I’ll show you how to Do it Yourself, and make a fabulous, antique-inspired Collar Brooch Necklace. Here’s how!

What you’ll need:

                                                      1. Chains in different sizes
                                                      2. Pendants (Clip-on earring can work as well)       
                                                      3. Glass, Metal & Jewelry Glue
                                                      4. Barrette style safety pins
                                                      5. Jewelry pliers
Take 2 or 3 different sized chains, (make sure they are different lengths, too) and connect them to each other and to one of the pendants, placing the chains from shortest to longest, from top to bottom.

Fill the back of the pendant with glue, and place the pin in the center.
Allow 24 hours to completely dry. 
Repeat on the other side.

Pin to the collar tips of any button up shirt or blouse and enjoy!

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