DIY Clutch

During Paris Fashion Week 2012, this Charlotte Olympia Pandora Perspex clutch was spotted and ever since stars and fashionistas alike have dared to bare all with it. It’s simple, daring and ever changing by just swapping the bag inside to match any outfit. Now here’s a thought: What an expensive plastic box! So, I decided to make one for myself. Just a few inexpensive pieces from a craft store, 15 minutes and I’ve got myself a trendsetting clutch!

Paris Fashion Week 2012
Charlotte Olympia Pandora Perspex Clutch
Retail Value $895

Do it yourself!
What you need…
Powerful permanent glue
Plastic box
Crown piece or topper of your choosing
Eco-Friendly Felt
Glue crown or charm and let dry for a max of 24 hrs
Insert pouch
Enjoy on a night out!

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