The Trench Vest

I’m finally back home from my 7 weeks away, working in Alabama! It was incredibly challenging, no lie. I would come home every other weekend to see my husband, do laundry and try to see some friends in between. The weekends I had to stay in ‘Bama my peers and I did some exploring. We … More The Trench Vest

My Funny Valentine

Hello, my loves! I’m still on the road so unfortunately I didn’t spend Valentine’s Day with my husband. I was feeling really down about it, so my coworkers drove me down to the coast for the weekend. We went to the Alabama Gulf Shore Coast and it was just lovely. It really wasn’t beach weather, … More My Funny Valentine

Coastal Livin’

This weekend I visited the coast. The day was absolutely beautiful! I’m starting to really enjoy the summer in Texas, and it’s almost over. Thankfully, the warm weather lasts through almost mid-September, so I’m hoping to explore more of the state’s summer funtastic places. I wore a super light maxi dress, and it was a … More Coastal Livin’