Why I Wear a Face Mask

We’re living in a time that hasn’t been seen in over 100 years. The Global Pandemic has had the U.S. practically in lockdown for 6 months now and even though the numbers are declining we still need to stay vigilant. Something so simple as wearing a face mask when you are out in public has been scientifically proven to reduce the spread of the novel Coronavirus COVID-19. Get ready, because this post is about to get sciency…

A cloth mask alone is unlikely to prevent you from inhaling microscopic virus particles, according to Rodney Rohde, PhD, chair of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program and associate dean for research at the College of Health Professions at Texas State University. “The coronavirus will go right through cloth and bandanas… but it will provide a bit of respiratory protection, which can reduce depositing of droplets of the virus on surfaces and to people near you,” Rohde told Healthline in back April. Several studies about the asymptomatic spread of the disease, the first of which was published on March 5 in the New England Journal of Medicine, have shown that masks are effective in slowing the spread of COVID-19. N-95 Masks, which are used by medical professionals, are the most effective in protecting the wearer, but cloth masks have been proven to protect the environment from the wearer, meaning that it protects others from you if you are sick and/or asymptomatic.

Here’s the reality. The City of San Antonio has seen a decline in hospitalizations due to COVID-19, but the last 6 months have shown that the spikes are mostly during holiday weekends and this Labor Day weekend we must put forth the effort to avoid another spike like the one after 4th of July Weekend. “Staying disciplined is the fastest way to beat COVID-19,” said San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg. “By avoiding behaviors and situations that spread the coronavirus over the Labor Day weekend, we will sideline COVID-19 and speed up our return to normal. Although the number of cases has dropped, coronavirus is still present throughout our community. Protect yourself and your loved ones this Labor Day. Keep wearing masks, keep your distance and keep COVID-19 at bay.”

So, why do I wear a face mask? I wear it because I believe in fact based science that has been peer reviewed and and supported by reputable scientific community. I wear it out of consideration for others. I wear it because I want this to be over. I wear it because I want to attend celebrations and events again. I wear it because I want to travel, see my family and visit with friends again.

I have partnered with the City of San Antonio Metropolitan Health to share some tips to enjoy a safe Holiday Weekend.

Prevention Tips

  1. Avoid large gatherings.
  2. If hosting or attending a gathering of family & friends, limit the number of different households coming together.
  3. Insist family and friends wear masks and be sure to cover nose and mouth.
  4. Keep at least six feet from people outside your household which means no hugging or handshaking.
  5. Insist family and friends stay home if they’re sick, exposed, awaiting a test result or still recovering.
  6. Wash your hands regularly and do not touch your face.
  7. Keep it outside for better air flow and more space.
  8. Spread out better when sitting together. Keep in mind the “Safe Six” and “Mind the Gap”. Spread out the seating arrangements 6 feet apart.
  9. Ensure bathrooms have liquid soap and disposable towels and always carry your own hand sanitizer.
  10. If in public, like an event or at the river or even a swimming pool, family/friends from different households should still maintain 6 feet distance apart.
Image via City of San Antonio Metropolitan Health COVID-19 Site

So, this holiday weekend, let’s enjoy safely and follow the guidelines so that we can stop the spread, together. For more information on COVID-19 visit https://covid19.sanantonio.gov/Home or call 3-1-1.

This post is sponsored by the City of San Antonio Metropolitan Health COVID-19 Task Force. All opinions are my own.

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