Abs are made in the Kitchen, with inBalance

I realize that the title may be a bit misleading, due to the lack of my elusive 6-pack, which I’m still working on, of course. But, while I strive for progress and not perfection, inBalance has been a fantastic help! I signed up for their InTheKitchen program and received a personalized program based on my health needs and goals. 
I’d been taking classes at inBalance for over a year and though I’d been seeing changes in my muscle tone and improvement in stamina, I was still struggling to lose those extra lbs to reach my goal. With a very clear goal in mind, my plan was make sure I fit into my dream dress to rock the red carpet at the San Antonio Fashion Awards. The last time worked hard to look great in a dress it was for my wedding 4 years ago, so I knew I could make it happen, but I needed an extra push. 

The first step was filling out my intake form. I had to answer very honestly and take a deep look into my eating habits. I would eat healthy all week, then indulge over the weekend. Or I’d have a wonderful 2 months of eating a whole foods plant based diet, but wouldn’t give up my wine or weekend cocktails. After the intake form, my nutrition coach, Hope Pedraza, went over my meal plan she designed for me. I’ve never counted calories before, and even though it was just a guide, the hard part wasn’t sticking to the limit, it was staying within the macronutrients percentages, which was a completely new concept for me as well. Hope designed a plan that stayed with my whole food, plant-based lifestyle that I been trying to adopt. Being vegan herself, it was wonderful to learn her best secrets that keep her in the most amazing shape. 

The next step was my weekly meal planning and grocery shopping. Hope included a daily food journal, in which I would input my exercise, fluid intake, meals, and mood. Planning was key if I wanted to make this work. The biggest challenge was my travel schedule. So, while traveling for work, I made sure to follow the guide to eating at restaurants she prepared for me as well. When I was home, I planned, cooked and even included my husband in the process. In the 2 months leading up to the Fashion Awards, I followed the plan to a T while continuing my classes at the studio. Needless to say, I reached my goal! The dress that barely zipped up at the beginning of the year, actually needed to be taken in a few weeks just before the event! I was thrilled! The week before, my husband and I took an Anniversary vacation to Cuba. We ate amazing food, enjoyed mojitos and still stayed where I needed to be, thanks to my morning workouts using the inBalance App. I did a juice cleanse the week of, to detox and get rid of any water weight I may have accumulated during the vacation.
Juice Cleanse from SA Perks LLC.

 Homemade Meals

Brown rice with Black Beans, Brussel Sprouts, Air fried plantains, Baked Boniato

Tomato-Roasted Pepper Soup

Quinoa, Gardein Chik’n Strips, Mushrooms, Avocado on Mixed Greens

Autumn Squash Soup

Dining Out

Quinoa Crust Pizza at Pharmtable
Brunch at Pharmtable

Lunch at Earth Burger
Results: Lost a total of 8 lbs, 2″ around my waist, and fit into a size 6 Dress. Regained confidence, and felt amazing!

Honestly, I highly recommend the meal plan services. Any fitness, health and wellness goal will only work if we improve our eating habits. Getting coaching and encouragement from a certified coach is the best way to go! A little encouragement and accountability goes a long way. Forever grateful to Hope for her help during this process. I can honestly say, that I couldn’t have done it without her and the incredible team of instructors at inBalance. Even if you don’t live in the San Antonio area, you can still use the App and receive an at home, personalized program. New Year, new goals? Check out inBalance today!
Photo by Miguel Flores Photography
*The InTheKitchen Meal Plan was provided by inBalance. Sponsored, but all results are real and opinions are my own.*

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