Meet Caley Cosmetics: A New Wave of Natural Beauty

For years, I’ve been searching high and low for affordable, natural makeup that is cruelty free, eco-friendly, with great pigments. I’ve seen a few online, but the pricing either didn’t fit my budget or the  reviews on quality didn’t really convince me. When I moved to San Antonio, I met Andrea Rodriguez, who along with her mother, Cindy Holland, owned a super cute & trendy boutique right down the street from my office. At the time, they were in the works of developing a new line of green beauty. They did temporarily have a line with the namesake of the boutique, Chalet, but it wasn’t 100% manufactured in house and the quality control wasn’t in their hands. 
Fast forward a few years later, they decided to go in the direction of  keeping the entire production in house, ensuring that their ingredients are sustainably sourced, vegan and cruelty free. Caley Cosmetics debuted in the Fall of 2018 and hit the ground running with the tropical vibes we all need. They are “Leaping Bunny” Certified and their manufacturing practices are mindful to produce minimal waste using recycled components in an environmentally responsible facility. All of these components were exactly what I’d been looking for all these years and it just so happens to be produced right here in San Antonio, TX! 

I recently partnered with them to launch the rebrand of Caley Cosmetics and introduce a “New Wave of Natural”, that so many like me have been searching for. During the Caley Christmas party, some of my favorite TX bloggers friends joined me in some fun makeup testing, bubbly sipping and designing our own custom lipgloss using all natural ingredients and botanicals. We tried their wide range of lip and eye pencils, bronzer/blush combos, the creamiest lipstick you’ll ever know and of course, the lipgloss in every tropical flavor that will take you back to that island vacation.

Check out the video below for a fun recap of the event!

Order Caley Cosmetics online at and us my special code FASHIONLOTUS for free shipping through December 31st!

*I received compensation for this post, but trust me, all opinions are my own!

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