4th Annual San Antonio Fashion Awards! Life on the Red Carpet!

Photography by Miguel Flores
The 4th Annual San Antonio Fashion Awards have come and gone and it was an absolutely wonderful experience to be part of the production team that hosts this beautiful event! It’s usually a whirlwind but I was able to capture every moment and I thought I’d do something different on the blog by sharing the timeline of that day with you. I think it would be interesting to see how a production of this magnitude looks like from the perspective of one of the shows organizers. Aside from being part of a fabulous team that puts this entire event together, I also worked on the Red Carpet and presented 2 Awards on stage. Here goes!

8 am: Wake up, drink a detox water from my 3 day Juice Cleanse from SA Perks. 

8:30 am: At home Mat Pilates workout using the inBalance app
9 am: Wash and blow dry my hair to straighten. It takes 40 min with large round brush and high strength Dominican blower that has been with me for over 6 years. 
10 am: Breakfast shake from SA Perks. Prepare lunch for my husband, pack a lunch bag with the rest of the juices for the day, chopped veggies. 
11 am: Load car with bag for the day with toiletries, plus my dress for Red Carpet and another for the Afterparty at Ocho, both from Grayce Ln. Boutique Dres Rentals.
11:30 am: Head out to the Tobin Center for Performing Arts
12:00 pm: Arrive at Tobin Center, unload car and take everything to the dressing rooms. Meet Burgundy and unload her car with 2 large carts filled with all the goodies for Nominees’ and VIP Gift Bags. Tobin crew has been setting up stage, and tables since early morning.
Juice Cleanse from SA Perks
12:30 pm: Interns, Volunteers and rest of staff arrive. Begin to pack over 100 small and large gift bags. 
1 pm: Lunch Juice (Lady K) from SA Perks
2 pm Hair and Makeup team begins to arrive. Models for Fashion Show exhibition start trickling in. DJ arrival prepares for soundcheck.
3 pm: I get sent to Hair & Makeup. Sponsored by Smooth Lines Salon. Hair by Charles May, Makeup by Alex from Elite Eyebrows. Staff, Interns and Models are all in seats or in line for their prep as well.

Fun BTS with Charles May of Smooth Lines Salon
5 pm: Shower and get dressed with Red Carpet Gown from Grayce Ln. Snack and afternoon juice.
6 pm: Arrive at Red Carpet for paparazzi photos while interview station is setting up to receive guest. Red Carpet arrivals begin.

Photo credit: Miguel Flores
6:30 Red Carpet interviews with nominees, presenters and guests. Back to back flow of stunning gowns, great men’s suits and avant-garde looks

Photo credit: Miguel Flores

7:30 pm Musical guest Simply Rayne takes the stage and delivers the performance of a lifetime

8 pm Award Ceremony Opening with San Antonio’s First Lady Erika Prosper and District 1 Councilman Roberto Treviño.

Photo credit: Studio HighKey
Photo credit: Studio HighKey

8:30 pm I present awards for Hair Innovator of the Year (minor freakout because I had written my speech just about an hour earlier an I didn’t have the order in which the nominees were being presented on the big screen. My wonderful colleague Crystal came to my rescue)
8:45 pm I guide winners to the Winner’s Lounge, sponsored by West Elm and am completely oblivious to the storm brewing backstage due to a missing nominees video. Our show director ended up having to create the video from scratch and was able hand it in to audiovisual team. photofinish, as the presenter delivered his speech.

Me (behind) walking Winner to Lounge.
Photo credit: Studio HighKey

9 pm Intermission with a beautiful Indian Diwali performance. At this point, my feet are aching and I sit down to enjoy the performance.

Photo credit: Studio HighKey
9:45 pm Show concludes and I run off to change into my cocktail dress. My team calls me for a team photo in front of the step & repeat.

Wrap up with Style Lush TV Team
(Left to right: Kaia Dublin, Me, Burgundy Woods, Crystal Martinez, Kassandra Rodriguez)

10 pm I’m finishing up getting ready for the afterparty. Drank my final dinner shake. Ended up cleaning up in the dressing room and taking a ton of leftover goodies back to the car with my lovely intern, Kaia.

10:30 pm Walk over to Ocho Lounge at Hotel Havana, right behind the Tobin Center to party with my team. We had a hidden little table and for about a good 35 minutes we just vent, laugh and cry. It was good. Then winners and guest came up to us for pictures and before we knew it, it was last call.
12:00 am Hugs and kisses from my amazing teammates for another successful San Antonio Fashion Awards.  Drive home with a huge smile on my face, and so unbelievably exhausted. Only one thought in my mind. “We fucking did it!”

Team Style Lush on Red Carpet Arrival. Photo Credit: Miguel Flores

Special Considerations:
Dress by Jovani. Sponsored by Grayce Ln. Fashion Boutique
Hair & Makeup: Sponsored by Smooth Lines Salon
Jewelry: Sponsored by Daniel Espinoza Jewelry

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