My Valentine’s Day Gift For Him: A Wooden Watch

I won’t be home for Valentine’s Day, so I decided to get something special for my husband. When it comes to gifting my husband, I’ve never really had any issues because he always welcomes high tech, high function gifts. He’s a very stylish guy who prefers a minimalist approach for his looks so his go to has always been Zara, since I met him 13 years ago. He’s worn several cool accessories like leather bracelets, and there might have been a puka shell necklace back in our college days I may have softly encouraged him to get rid of, lol! One thing I’ve never seen him wear is a watch, but I knew that if he were to wear one, it had to be exceptionally cool and stylish. I’d had my eye on a unique wooden watch from JORD Watches for quite some time, but to be honest, I wanted one for myself! One day, while I was browsing through the site, he came over to give me a kiss and saw the watches and said, “Those watches look so cool! They’re made of wood? How interesting!”. Right then and there that’s when I knew I had to gift him a watch. So, even though I’ll be away from home on a work assignment, he’ll have something special from me and reminds him that I’m his Valentine.
Jord wooden watches are so unique and we just love that the materials are sustainably sourced. I opted for the Dover series watch for him  in ebony wood & copper because it is a skeleton watch, which shows all inner mechanisms of a watch, giving it a high tech look, while still being a classic timepiece.
Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and a watch is a perfect gift for him or her, or even for yourself. To make it an even more special gift, you can have the box or the back plate of the watch engraved with a love note!

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P.S. No material things can ever replace the time I spend with my husband, but at least when he looks at the time on his wrist, he’ll be thinking of me. 😉

*Photo Credits: Chris Cantoya Photography

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