Halloween Fun with 13th Floor & Great Room Escape

Just in time for Halloween! I was recently invited to the 13th Floor Haunted House San Antonio for a fun Media Night event. I’ve only been to 2 haunted house events in the past and one of them didn’t impress me at all, to be honest. I could confidently say that I don’t scare easily, until now…

I told my husband about it and he was ready for it, thinking he doesn’t scare either, since we were huge fans of Halloween. We arrived at Sunset Station in Downtown San Antonio, and the first thing he said was how creepy it was that the location was right by the train tracks. Ha! The lead production manager, Mama (as they call her) lead us through the tour, walking a few steps ahead of us. Between us, I think she told the entire crew that we were going through to give us an extra scare for the FULL experience. The full tour takes about 25 minutes and was a huge maze filled with dark spots, creepy people popping out of hidden crevices, and screams all around. It really is a super fun experience if you like a good scare! Even my husband said it was the creepiest, yet funnest date we’ve had. I highly recommend this experience, especially since it’s the #1 Haunted House in America rated by The Travel Channel, USA Today and The Huffington Post. Don’t miss it before it ends on November 4th!

I also had a chance to experience the Great Room Escape with a scary twist through Virtual Reality! Check out the video below as I try to decipher the clues and escape the haunted room!

For tickets and info visit: 13thfloorsanantonio.com and greatroomescape.com

*I received free tickets to the 13th Floor for this post. Don’t worry, all opinions are my own.*

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