Review: Personal Styling by JustFab

Happy Happy Monday, everybody! Today, I’m sharing my experience with a new service provided by I’m an ambassador for the company, so I was able to get VIP access to their new Styling Service called PS by JustFab (Personal Styling). Even though I had early VIP access, I did pay for the service, so this is not a sponsored post. There is a $20 styling fee that goes toward the purchasing costs of any items you decide to keep, kind of like prepaying for the items. When you create your style profile, you’re assigned a personal stylist that selects clothing and accessories for you. Once your wardrobe is curated, you have 48 hours to approve, decline, or switch out pieces from the selections. It’s really great and NO COMMITMENT! There’s more to it so please enjoy the video below to learn all about this Fab service! 

*I am a Brand Ambassador for JustFab, but I paid for the service and the selected items. All opinions are my own.*

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