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Never in a million years did I ever think I’d be working in Fashion Media. My love affair with fashion started when I was very young. Watching my mother dress up for fabulous events and growing up in New York inspired me every single day. I remember as a teenager, living in Puerto Rico, I struggled with trying to be the New Yorker I truly am, and was mocked incessantly with silly things like “Ooooh, look at this ridiculous girl trying to be all fashionable!”. Mostly because I never got over the fact that I wanted to dress for the seasons even though in the tropics there is only perennial Summer. So, I started to live vicariously through magazines and television whenever New York Fashion Week came along. I’d dream of being there, sitting front row in my most fabulous look while witnessing first hand while the runway shows would play on TV. Back then, it was only a dream. 
Today, I had the opportunity to meet Fern Mallis, founder of New York Fashion week, style icon and now writer, for her book signing at Saks Fifth Ave San Antonio. I must say, that it was the highlight of my very new career in fashion media. We had the great honor to interview her and speak with her on a very candid level. I’ve never met someone so important, yet so humble and genuine. Tune in to to view the full interview. 
If you’re a true lover of fashion, you must absolutely buy the book, Fashion Lives: Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis. It’s not just a coffee table must have, but also an amazing read. As Fern sits down and interviews the fashion world’s most influential people, you’ll get revealing details of these artist’s lives, and everything it takes to be an influencer in the Industry.
Jamás en la vida me imaginé que iba a trabajar en los medios de la moda. Mi amor por la moda comenzó cuando yo era muy jovencita. Viendo a mi mamá vestirse para eventos fabulosos y creciendo en Nueva York me inspiró cada día más. Recuerdo de adolescente, viviendo ya en Puerto Rcio, yo luchaba con mi identidad nuyorquina y me mofaban con tonterías como “Uy, mira a esta ridícula que quiere ser la más fashion!”. Mayormente porque nunca superé el vivir en el trópico y no poder vestirme de acorde con las temporadas y eso es imposible con el eterno verano tropical. Así que comenzé a vivir vicariamente a través de las revistas de moda y la televisión cuando comenzaba New York Fashion Week. Yo soñaba con estar presente, en primera fila, luciendo mi mejor atuendo mientras veía las pasarelas en la tele. Pero, sólo era un sueño.

Hoy, tuve la oportunidad de conocer a Fern Mallis, fundadora de New York Fashion Week, ícono de estilo y ahora, escritora, para su firma de libros en Saks Fifth Ave. San Antonio. Tengo que decir, que en mi corta carrera como prensa de modas, este es mi máximo punto hasta el momento. Tuvimos gran honor de entrevistarla y hablar cándidamente con ella. Nunca había conocido a alguien tan importante, sin embargo tan humilde y genuina. Sintonizen a para ver la entrevista completa.

Si realmente eres un amante de la moda, tienes que comprar el libro, Fashion Lives: Style Icons with Fern Mallis. No es sólo para tu mesa de centro, sino que es una lectura fascinante! Fern se sienta y entrevista a l@s individu@s más influyentes del mundo de la moda y leerás detalles reveladores de las vidas de est@s artistas y todo lo que toma para ser un@ de l@s grandes en la Industria. 

Ultimate Fan girl moment

A special Thank you to Ceslie Armstrong, Executive Producer at Fashion Week South for bringing Fern Mallis to San Antonio and Saks Fifth Ave San Antonio for hosting the book signing event.

Get your copy of Fashion Lives: Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis on Amazon

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Obtén tu copia de Fashion Lives: Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis a través de Amazon
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13 thoughts on “Style Icon: Fern Mallis

  1. I grew up in Puerto Rico so I can just imagine what you went through. Growing up I always dreamed about wearing boots and fancy coats and I only got to enjoy them via the movies I watched and magazines I read. It wasn't until I moved to the US that I really got to express and live my fascination for warm weather clothing. Anyways, I will love to read the book so I am going to look it up on Amazon. Thanks for sharing! XOXO,


  2. Verdad que si?! I actually tried to wear boots a few times and people were like \”Are you crazy?\” LOL! I always had a coat and some winter outfits for when I traveled back to NY, but it's not the same. And not just that, like fashion in general wasn't something \”normal\” when I was a teen. That's why I had my \”surfer\” phase then I went thru many years of a \”Valija Gitana\” only wardrobe. Anyaway, the book is amazing! I can't put it down!! You need it, lolBesitos!Jeanie


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