White after Labor Day: Is the Fashion Faux Pas a thing of the past?

When I think about this fashion rule of “No white after Labor Day”, it reminds me of the episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air when Will Smith was at the dance with a girl named Claudia and she was going on about the this embarrasing story about how she and her friends were the only ones in white and it was the day right after Labor Day, Will looking bored out of his mind. He later asks his love interest of the episode Dee Dee (Queen Latifah) if she would ever wear white after Labor Day and she responds “If it’s clean and it fits, I’ll wear anything”. I remember not undertsanding what the big deal was, me being 9 years old, the rules of Fashion were something alien to me. Now, as an adult, and a lover of all things fashion, I still don’t get it. Hello, that was over 20 years ago! I personally love a good winter white. Even Vogue Magazine has said, to Hell with the rules, let’s wear white! Sure it sounds trivial, but My rule is, if it looks good, wear it. Who cares if it’s white, black, purple, whatever? For me fashion isn’t only about seasonal looks, it’s also an expression of your personality. These days fashion and art have broken so many rules, why not this one? It was silly to begin with.

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