Travel Tips

I’ve just returned from a Business Trip, so I found it fitting to write a post about my packing skills. My job has me traveling all around the US and sometimes internationally. In the past 6 years I’ve learned a few packing tricks that reduced my travel anxiety and has even saved me (and the company) money. My co-worker saw my small carry-on bag and couldn’t believe I could fit a week’s worth of stuff into such a small bag, so I thought I should share my tips.

The first thing I do is that I plan my outfits ahead of time. I lay it all out with the accessories, shoes and handbags to match. Something I do to reduce the amount of items I pack, is match 2 blouses to one bottom. For example I can use the same slacks/skirt twice and have it look completely different with another blouse and accessories. Now I know this may seem obvious, but a lot of people just throw in all the clothes from their closet and that’s just over packing. Planning ahead is the key to successful packing and can even save you tons of money if the airline charges for checked bags.

Always place your shoes at the bottom of your luggage and place your clothing items in a nicely rolled bundle. I packed 3 pairs of shoes and a pair of sneakers perfectly in this bag. I even managed to pack some thin sandals in the front pocket. If you have SpaceBags you’ll be amazed at how much you can pack into those things. Speaking of which, I need to get new ones, mine got lost in the move. All my toiletries were in TSA approved bottles in my handbag.
Using a large handbag for travels is incredibly useful. This one from JustFab, which has a long shoulder strap aside from the shorter handles, fits my laptop and other electronic devices, my makeup and jewelry bags, and my immediate necessities. Coordinate outfits around this bag so you can get maximized usage from it. 

And of course, don’t forget to dress comfortable. Cotton is a great choice for those long travel days with layovers. No need to wear sweatpants and look like you just rolled out of bed. You can spruce it up a little and still be very comfy.

Slip on shoes are perfect for going through airport Security checks without hassles. 

 The neck pillow is essential. Planes aren’t exactly the most comfortable, even if you’re flying First Class, you should definitely have one on hand.

Last, but not least, checking in online is a great convenience that saves time and avoids those long lines that sometimes cut it kinda close at the airport. I downloaded the apps for my most frequently used airlines directly into my smartphone. I love it, because I can check in easily and have my digital boarding pass, they also send me notifications and flight updates. Don’t forget to download games, music, magazines and a good book. I experienced insane delays yesterday (over 6 hours between 2 delays for 2 separate flights) due to the weather, that I could have never endured if it weren’t for all my apps on my Ipad, and a good drink at the airport bar.

Safe travels!


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