I Heart Prabal

The wait is over! The amazing new collection from Prabal Gurung for Target is here! He named the collection Love, of course, and I’m absolutely loving it! The pieces are of excellent quality, the colors for Spring are absolutely perfect and the shapes for the clothing pieces are very flattering. Of course, I went in right away to test the product, lol. Every dress I tried on fit perfectly and I just wanted to take it all home with me. But something stopped me… I only bought one piece, I chose the Mesh Sleeved blouse just because I know that I’ll be able to mix and match it with skirts and slacks, so many outfits will fit perfectly with it. I was a bit disappointed to learn that the jewelry and some of the best pieces weren’t available in store. I ordered the ruffled Red dress online (I tried on the Chartreuse one and it was gorgeous, but I need the red on for a Go Red for Women fundraising event). Something else stopped me in my tracks from buying everything in the collection, the fact that the Neiman Marcus collection didn’t sell very well and 3 weeks later EVERYTHING was 50% off. Not that these prices are high, by any means. But I just can’t stand the fact that I pay full price for something that’ll be sale soon. Sorry, I am THE bargain shopper. Some pieces I’ll be looking to buy later on, whether they’re on sale or not. We’ll see how that goes…

Here’s how I styled my blouse!

Skirt: Zara

Clutch: My design
See the previous DIY post

Jewelry: Pop of Chic
Lucite Cluster Necklace and Earrings

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