Post-Hurricane Maria Travel to Puerto Rico: How You Can Help

By now, many of you are aware that 2017 brought one of the worst Hurricane Seasons of history, ravaging through South Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean. If you follow me on social media, you’ve very likely seen my posts on updates throughout the season, mainly because I live in Texas, have close family in Florida and in Puerto Rico. The natural disasters have all affected me very deeply. During Hurricane Maria, which hit Puerto Rico the hardest, I was able to maintain communication with my mother, my in-laws and some friends who would send my husband and me constant updates while we heard the howling winds in the background. We’d receive live feed of the rains and destructive winds in real time, and all we could do was pray for the safety of our loved ones. I even had a missed call and a voicemail from my best friend (which didn’t come through until 7 days later) that she, her husband and her dogs were waiting on the second floor balcony of a neighbor’s home, to be rescued by the Army National Guard because the dam had been opened without warning, flooding multiple subdivisions of her community. The day after the Hurricane, which lasted over 8 hours, we lost all communication with our loved ones. There was no way to call, text or reach via inbox for weeks. 3.6 million people were completely cutoff from the world. The level of anxiety that the Diaspora like myself experience was excruciating! Even writing this piece brings up so many feelings of pain and desperation, but as the tears roll down and cloud my vision, it is crucial that I share this with you all. 
I am happy to report that my family, friends and all my my loved ones are safe, with minimal to none when it comes to damage, but not everyone on the island was as fortunate. Four months after Hurricane Irma and Maria, my Parents-in-law still don’t have power, like millions of others on the island. I shared the post-Maria stats in a recent post, after Thanksgiving, which included several organizations you can support remotely. 

Here are the current stats:
114 days after Maria reports:
*81% power generation
*55% of island has electricity 
*97% of the island has water (boil advisory remains)
Right after the Holidays, we went to visit the Island for a family wedding. The bride was determined to celebrate her union and have her family and closest friends be present. I applauded her tremendously, while dreading the trip. One, I feared that I would be overcome with emotion by seeing the island in such a dreadful condition as it’s been presented by the media, and, two, I didn’t want to be posting how much I could enjoy myself while there were still so many people suffering, without homes and struggling due to lack of services. For the last 4 months, I’d been very active raising money for local organizations in Puerto Rico, volunteering in several collection centers, sorting canned goods, clothing and basic necessities to send back to the island, but this felt different. Being there, in person and seeing it firsthand felt like it would be too painful to watch. We pushed through and made it to the island. I teared up just a tad when we landed after seeing from the plane how so many trees were leveled and buildings destroyed, but I took a deep breathe and thought to myself, “this trip will be good”. I decided then and there, that we would make the best out of it, and so we did. Our trip was short, so there was no room for us to do any volunteer work, which I thought I might do for a few hours in some spare time, but between family/friend visits and the wedding on the opposite side of the island, it just was not possible. So, I did the next best thing. I supported local businesses only. Supporting tourism and the local economy will be what helps the island get back to normal and even thrive. Here’s how you can do it, too!

  1. Skip the Starbucks

Yes, I know that your Venti Caramel Machiatto is absolutely necessary, but Puerto Rico’s locally grown coffee is imported Globally and is probably one of the best coffees in the world. Check out the local coffee shops and Panaderías for amazing coffee and breakfasts for a fraction of the price of these national companies. And you support the local business owners that are trying to keep afloat amidst the chaos. 

2. Choose AirBNB or Locally Owned Bed & Breakfasts

Big named, International hotels are great with all of the amenities, and give jobs to locals, yes this is true. But when you choose to stay at a locally owned Bed & Breakfast your money stays in Puerto Rico. Again, you’re supporting the local economy and the people who have invested time and money into these homes or condos. They probably are renting out the property on AirBNB for income they might not be receiving otherwise, due to lack of jobs. Many businesses have shut down operations after Maria and people are in a very tight financial situation. P.S. Our accommodations in Cabo Rojo were a find on AirBNB and were spectacular!
Green Bowls, Acai Bowl

3. Eat Local

We chose to only eat from local restaurants. Puertorican cuisine is world renowned thanks to Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmer and Adam Richman on the Travel Channel, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss certain restaurants I grew up dining in. We had the best seafood, rice & beans, Mofongo (even though Plantains were extremely scarce), the freshest fruit and even gourmet Latin Fusion. You won’t find better food on the island than in a hole in a wall restaurant! I guarantee it! Here are some of the restaurants we supported this time around:
  • JC’s Bar & Grill in Guaynabo serves the most amazing mushroom risotto, grilled chicken with guava sauce and my husband’s favorite, the skirt steak with mushroom sauce and rice & beans with sweet plantain. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!
  • Doña Ana’s in the Bayamon Market is filled with history and serves up your rice & beans in tiny cast iron pots. Cute and delicious!
  • Pizza e Birra in Miramar, San Juan is located right in the heart of the Financial district. A gem that serves, that’s right, Pizza & Beer. They have a fantastic beer selection and fresh pizza topping with veggie friendly options! Great place to hangout with your friends!
  • Cafe Lab by Latte que Latte in Guaynabo is a little off the beaten path, this hidden coffee spot really hit the spot with a semi industrial and bohemian feel. The coffee was delicious and I loved their hummus panini on Puertorican sweet bread (Pan Sobao). They also have poetry slams and open mic nights. What a cool place!
  • Green Bowls in Cabo Rojo for your healthy options. We loved this place so much we went twice for breakfast while we stayed in Cabo Rojo! Their Acai Bowl was so delicious! My family had some of their organic egg dishes like the veggie scrambles and omelets and they loved it! They have mostly organic ingredients, all locally farm fresh and are vegetarian/vegan friendly. Their Chai Latte with organic Almond Milk made me too happy!
  • Cuesta Blanca in Cabo Rojo is a Santiago family tradition. I started dating my husband 13 years ago, and I’ve been going to this restaurant on New Year’s Day for about 12 years. They know us by now! The name translates to White Hill because it’s literally up a hill and you definitely need a GPS to find it, but once you do, it’s like reaching heaven! The food and the family feeling is unparalleled. I can’t visit the island without going there!
Café Lab by Latte que Latte serves their signature Cinnamon Cookie with every coffee.
So, if you plan on visiting Puerto Rico, do it! Don’t feel bad about enjoying your stay. Puertoricans are extremely resilient and happy people. They are still partying, eating and celebrating life in the Caribbean. Some scenes are definitely hard to watch, but the best you can do to help the island get back to it’s splendor and rising above these incredible feats, is by supporting tourism, the local economy and it’s people. If you have an opportunity to volunteer and help, that’s wonderful. But if you’re on a tight schedule like I was, you can still help. Every little bit helps. 
Man playing accordion in Old San Juan. Photo taken by me on iPhone 7 Plus

Travel Vlog: Pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico

Hi loves! I’ve been dying to share this one with you! One of the weekends my hubby went to visit me while I was working in Mexico, we took a tour to the Pyramids of Teotihuacan. Normally, we’d want to do our own thing and not be part of a formal tour, but renting a car or taking public transportation and trying to figure out our way around seemed so daunting. Upon doing a little research, I found this company online that did small tours to the Pyramids and even picked us up at our apartment and would drop us off afterwards. It was extremely convenient and for $40 pp, they sure gave us our money’s worth! On our 1 hour ride from our place to Teotihuacan we received a wealth of information about the history of Mexico and the rich cultures that influenced the country, including a bevy of indigenous cultures all across the land. The city dates back to 100 B.C. and it’s influence on Mesoamerica has been well documented. These pyramids are massive and are believed to have been used for religious activity, which included human sacrifice and worship of the Moon and Sun gods. The Pyramid of the Moon can be climbed half way, before it becomes dangerous to keep going, so they have it blocked off. The Pyramid of the Sun, even though is higher, can be climbed all the way up to the top. It was a trek, but totally worth it! Check out the video below to see it all, including the trip to a silver jewelry workshop/tequila refinery! We had an amazing time and I’m so happy to finally share with you!

Hola amores! He estado loca por compartir esto con ustedes! Uno de lo fines de semana que mi esposito me fue a visitar mientras trabajaba en México, tomamos un tour a las Pirámides de Teotihuacán. Normalmente, nos gusta aventurar solos, sin guía turístico, pero pensar en alquilar un carro o tomar transporte público e intentar andar solitos por ahí nos parecía agobiante. Luego de una búsqueda corta, conseguí una compañía que hace tours de grupos pequeños hacia las Pirámides, en el cual te recogen y te regresan a tu apartamento u hotel. Por $40 pp, realmente nos dieron un muy buen valor por nuestro dinero! Durante la hora de viaje a Teotihuacán, nos dieron mucha información acerca de la historia de México y la riqueza de las culturas que influenciaron al país, incluyendo una multitud de culturas indígenas. La ciudad se estima que existe desde al año 100 B.C. y su influencia en Mesoamérica está bien documentada. Estas pirámides son enormes y se entiende que fueron utilizadas para actividades religiosas, que incorporaban sacrificio humano y veneración a los dioses de la luna y del sol. La Pirámide de la Luna se puede escalar hasta la mitad antes de que se ponga muy peligroso, y la Pirámide del Sol, a pesar de ser más alta, se puede alcanzar la cima. Es un largo trecho, pero vale la pena! Vean el video abajo para que lo vean todo, incluyendo una visita a un taller de joyería de plata y tequilera! Disfrutamos muchísimo y estoy super contenta de poder compartirlo con ustedes!

Travel Vlog: Visit to the Frida Kahlo Museum

Happy Friday, dolls! I still have so much to share about that Mexico City trip! I practically lived there for 2 months! It’s been a little over a month since my return and I still can’t get over it. It was such an amazing time, including work, believe it or not. During my time there, my husband was able to visit and we truly made the most of the weekends he stayed with me. For this episode of Travel with The Fashion Lotus, we visited the Frida Kahlo Museum in a town right outside of Mexico City called Coyoacán, Frida hometown. It is a beautiful town filled with art and history. Usually the line to get into the museum is super long, but we were fortunate enough that it moved pretty quickly. There is a fee to enter, and also a small fee to take pictures. Check out the video above so you can the breath taking gardens and the amazing exhibit, straight out of Frida’s wardrobe. *Quick note, if you read up on Frida’s biography, you’ll learn that she suffered from tremendous health issues and a horrible accident that left her with severe back pains. A lot of her art and fashions (like the braces, corsets, etc) were inspired by this. And this went on to inspire renowned fashion designers as well, such as Comme de Garçons, Jean Paul Gaultier and Riccardo Tisci, among others. 

Feliz Viernes, mis amores! Todavía tengo tanto por compartir de mi viaje a Ciudad Mexico! Practicamente, estuvo viviendo allí por casi 2 meses! Hace un poco más de un mes desde que regresé, pero aún no lo supero, Fue una experiencia inolvidable, incluyendo todo el trabajo, aunque no lo crean. Durante mi estadía, mi esposo me visitó varias veces y disfrutamos muchísimo, aprovechando esos fines de semana lo más posible. Para este episodio de  Viaja con The Fashion Lotus, visitamos al Museo de Frida Kahlo en Coyoacán, un pueblo just afuera de Ciudad México, y el lugar de nacimiento de Frida. Es un pueblo muy pintoresco, lleno arte e historia. Usualmente la fila para entrar al museo es muy larga, pero tuvimos la fortuna de que se moviera rápido. Hay un costo para entrar y un pequeño cargo por tomar fotos. Vean el video para que vean los hermosos jardines y la increíble exhibición del atuendo de Frida! *Nota al calce, si leen un poco de la biografía de Frida, sabrán que ella sufría de tremendos problemas de salud y un accidente terrible que la dejó encamada con un dolor paralizante de espalda. La gran mayoría de su arte y diseños de moda fueron inspirados por esto. Y luego fue a inspirar grande diseñadores de moda como Comme de Garçons, Jean Paul Gaultier y Riccardo Tisci, entre otros.

Adventures in Mexico City

I’ve been in Mexico City for quite a while now. My husband came to town to visit me and we had a super touristy weekend! We visited the Historic downtown, went to the most visited areas and even discovered a very cool street lined with beautiful murals. The art and culture we experienced in the center were absolutely beautiful. We visited the Palacio Nacional, the beautiful Cathedral, had lunch at the rooftop of the Zócalo Central Hotel, which overlooks the central plaza, and afterwards we checked out the Museum. We visited a few other places, but I’ll save that for my next post!
Ya llevo un tiempo en Cuidad México. Mi esposo vino de visita y tuvimos un super fin de semana de turistas! Visitamos al Centro Histórico, fuimos a las atracciones más visitadas y hasta descubrimos una joya escondida con murales artísticos. El arte y la cultura que vimos fueron absolutamente hermosos! Visitamos al Palacio Nacional, la bella Catedral Metropolitano, almorzamos en el restaurant de Hotel Central del Zócalo, en donde se puede ver todo en centro y luego fuimos al museo. Fuimos a otros lugares en Ciudad de México, pero ya lo dejaré para otro artículo!
Palacio Nacional

Catedral Metropolitana

Hubby posed for me for the first time!

Top by local Mexican artisan. Ring by local jeweler.

Chunky Sweater in Asheville

My recent trip to Asheville, North Carolina left me in love with the town. Recently named one out 15 small towns to visit by Condè Nast, it did not disappoint. Home of the Biltmore Estate, the largest mansion in the U.S., built by American Royalty, the Vanderbilts, the entire town seems to be stuck in a period of time with the beautiful Victorian and Tudor style homes along tree lined streets. I visited the Grand Bohemian Hotel, a breath-taking old world style hotel in the heart of the historic Biltmore Village. It was a bit cold out so I indulged in a delicious apple cider sangria at the Red Stag Grill Bar. The rich wood details and opulent chandeliers make the experience so exquisite! In the downtown area, the city was bustling with people from one restaurant to the next. I tried to get a seat in a small Tapas Bar, but the wait was ONE HOUR for bar seating, it’s that good… So, I moved along to the next and found a beautifully lit, romantic spot (for one) called Rhubarb. I sat on the deck and was delighted by children playing amazing folk and popular music. Crowds would hover over them, amazed at their talent and throwing money into their instrument cases. The food was spectacular! I little on the pricey side, but soo worth every penny. 
Traveling alone has allowed me to learn so much about myself. I truly appreciate the time I spend with myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling and discovering with my husband, family and friends, but there is something so special about solo travel. I savor every moment, stay an extra long time in one single location, and appreciate the beauty in the little things.

Mi viaje reciente a Asheville, North Carolina me ha dejado enamorada del pueblo. Nombrado como una de las Mejores 15 pueblos pequeños en EEUU por la revista Condé Nast, no me decepcionó en lo mínimo. El Biltmore Estate se encuentra en el corazón del pueblo y fue construida por una de las familias más ricas en EEUU, los Vanderbilt. El pueblo entero parece estar detenido en el tiempo, con las casas Victorianas y estilo Tudor en las calles rodeadas de arboles. Logré visitar el Grand Bohemian Hotel, construida al estilo del Viejo Mundo en el corazón del Biltmore Village. Hacía un poco de frío, así que entré al bar del Red Stag Grill dentro del hotel para una deliciosa sangría de cidra de manzana. Dentro del hotel, los detalles de madera oscura y los candelabros opulentes hacen que la visita sea una experiencia exquisita. En el downtown de Asheville, la gente andaba de lugar en lugar, hay muchos restaurantes y estaba todo super lleno! Traté de conseguir una asiento en un bar de tapas, pero la espera era mas de UNA HORA, para la barra! Así que me di vuelta y caí en un restaurante muy bello llamado Rhubarb. Es un lugar muy romántico, aunque andaba sola, me lo disfruté. Me senté en el patio que daba para la calle, en donde unos niños cantaban música folklórica y popular. La gente los rodeaba disfrutando de su talento mientras les ponían dinero. La comida estaba divina! Un poco caro, pero valió cada centavo!
Viajar sola me ha dado el espacio para aprender mucho sobre mi. Realmente aprecio pasar tiempo sola. No me malinterpreten, me encanta viajar con mi esposo, mis familia y amistades, pero hay algo muy especial en viajar sol@. Me difruto cada momento, tomo tiempo adicional en un solo lugar y disfruto de la belleza de estos lugates.

What I wore/ Llevaba puesto:
Sweater: Michael Kors 
Jeans: Joe’s Jeans
Boots: ShoeDazzle
Bag: Neiman Marcus:
Blanket Scarf: Apricot Lane

Hola Cancún

I can’t believe that Summer is over, although I’m ready to embrace the change of weather. I can’t deny I’m a coastal girl, so any opportunity to visit the beach, I’ll take it! In June, we kicked off our Summer season by attending one of our best friends’ wedding. They got married in Cancún and it was  too much fun! It was my first time traveling to Mexico, so I was really excited! We had quite the experience. We were supposed to stay at the same resort as the wedding party, but there was construction going on in the main building and they had to move several guests. I wasn’t too happy about it, but we managed to negotiate with the hotel manager, and they placed us at at a sister hotel, the Live Aqua, Adults All-Inclusive Resort. They also comped a full body massage and a half day at the spa. We did need to take a cab to and from in order to spend time with the bride, friends & family and attend the wedding, but they ensured we had all access pass to both resorts. Our hotel was lovely, with a spa like ambience throughout, beautiful pools and amazing restaurants. We actually preferred the food there. It was a 5-star experience!

No puedo creer que ya se haya acabado el verano, aunque si le doy la bienvenida al cambio de clima. No puedo negar que soy una chica costera, así que cualquier oportunidad que tengo de ir a la playa, la aprovecho. En junio, comenzamos nuestra temporada de verano con un viaje a Cancún, MX para la boda de nuestra gran amiga. Era mi primera vez viajando a México así que estaba bien emocionada! Tuvimos una experiencia interesante. Nosotros hicimos las reservaciones para quedarnos en el mismo hotel que los novios y familia, pero había construcción en el hotel y tuvieron que mover a varios huéspedes. Yo estaba muy descontenta, pero logramos negociar con el gerente del hotel y nos movieron a un resort de la misma compañía, el Live Aqua, Adults All-Inclusive Resort. También me regalaron un masaje y una experiencia en el spa. Aunque tuvimos que tomar un taxi entre ambos hoteles para compartir con la familia, los novios y asistir a la boda, ellos se aseguraron de que tuviéramos acceso ilimitado en ambos hoteles. El Live Aqua estuvo muy bello, con un ambiente de spa, hermosas piscinas y restaurantes increíbles. De hecho, nos gustó más la comida de ahí. Fue una experiencia de 5 estrellas!


Falling for Niagara

When our friend from Puerto Rico invited my husband and me to his wedding in Toronto, Ontario, we were so excited! Not only were we incredibly happy for his nuptials, but we were going to visit Canada for the very first time! We visited for 4 days and 3 nights. It was short, but amazing! That weekend, we explored downtown Toronto, enjoyed delicious diverse meals and attended a lovely wedding where we ate, drank and danced with the happy couple. It was a fabulous long weekend! The day we had to leave, we took the morning to visit Niagara Falls. I had heard that there was a side that was better than the other, but I wasn’t sure which side it was, New York or Toronto. While we drove up to the location, we realized that it was the Toronto side that had the FULL view of the Falls and we were soo happy! It was spectacular (AND WET, haha!). We didn’t have enough time to do the tours or the boat, but we felt that we had an amazing experience! Since we have those great friends in Toronto, we’ll definitely be coming back for another adventure!
Cuando nuestro amigo de Puerto Rico nos invitó para su boda en Toronto, Ontario, nos emocionamos en grande! No sólo íbamos para la boda de un gran amigo, pero que íbamos a visitar a Canadá por primera vez! Estuvimos de visita por 4 días y 3 noches. Fue corto, pero increíble! Durante el fin de semana, exploramos el downtown de Toronto, disfrutamos de comidas diversas y deliciosas y estuvimos presentes ante la union de una pareja hermosa. Tuvimos un fin de semana espectacular! El día que nos tocaba irnos, visitamos a las Cataratas del Niágara. Había eschuchado que se veían mejor de un lado que del otro, pero no me acordaba si era mejor desde Nueva York o de Toronto. Cuando nos acercamos, supimos que estábamos en el lado correcto! Desde Toronto se ven completas las Cataratas. Fue todo un espectáculo y muy mojado, ja ja! No tuvimos suficiente tiempo para tomar el tour del barquito, pero pienso que tuvimos aún una experiencia inolvidable! Cómo ahora tenemos esas amistades viviendo en Canadá, definitivamente que volveremos para un próxima aventura!

My Trip to The Grand Canyon

A lifelong dream of mine has always been to visit the Grand Canyon. I was fortunate enough to plan an impromptu visit to the South Rim with my friend who lives in Sedona, and we just had the time of our lives. I’d never been and she hadn’t gone in 20 years. It was a relatively short drive, only 2 hours and the scenery was breathtaking the entire way there. I was overly excited, lol! As we got closer to the National Park, I kept feeling extremely giddy and jumped in my seat like a kid! When we walked up to the trail, I almost lost my cool. It was absolutely amazing! I’d seen it from a plane, but in person it just so surreal. It almost looks like a painting. I had to take a moment to reflect on the greatness of this Earth and to show my absolute appreciation to the Universe for allowing me to witness this.
Un sueño hecho realidad fue mi visita al Gran Cañón. Tuve la gran fortuna de visitar el Sur de la formación con mi amiga que vive en Sedona y la pasamos de maravilla. Yo nunca lo había visitado y ella no había ido en 20 años. Fue un viaje relativamente corto, a sólo 2 horas guiando y la ruta panorámica estuvo bellísima. Yo estaba demasiado emocionada, ja ja! Mientras nos acercábamos al parque nacional, me sentía que iba a estallar de la emoción y brincaba en mi asiento! Al andar por el camino, casi me da como un ataque de felicidad! Verdaderamente impresionante! Había visto el Cañón desde un avión, pero en persona se ve surreal. Casi parece una pintura! Tuve que tomar un momento para reflexionar sobre la grandeza de este planeta y demostrar mi apreciación hacia el Universo por permitirme vivir esta experiencia.

Red Rock Señorita

During my month long stay in Arizona, I visited Sedona twice. My 2nd time around I did even more exploring. I enjoyed the Red Rocks and the incredible scenery even more, always making sure to look where I walked because of all the desert critters creeping around. A snake bite or scorpion sting was not on the “to-do”list for the weekend! With that said, I felt pretty adventurous and with a scenery like this I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go full on Señorita with this outfit I put together. This look is inspired by my Dominican roots, reminiscent of the 1930’s style of the young women who wore these outfits to parties and town festivals, celebrating the culture, which is a beautiful mixture of Spanish, African and Indigenous cultures. The pieces are from my favorite vintage shops in San Antonio. The top is from Montage, and the skirt is a re-purposed maxi skirt, redesigned as a hi-low skirt by Socorro Society. 

Durante mi estadía que duró un mes en Arizona, visité a Sedona dos veces. La segunda vez que fui, exploré un poco más. Disfruté de las famosas Piedras Rojas y del bello paisaje aún más, siempre asegurándome de mirar bien a mis alrededores y cuidarme de aquellos animalejos en el desierto que no son tan amigables. Una mordida de serpiente o picada de escorpión no estaba en agenda para el fin de semana! Con eso dicho, me sentí bastante aventurera y no pude perder la oportunidad de vestirme como jibarita con piezas que encontré en mis tiendas “vintage” favoritas en San Antonio.  Este look fue inspirado por mis raíces dominicanas. Inspirada en las jóvenes de la época de los 1930 que utilizaban este estilo de ropa para las fiestas y festivales en el pueblo, celebrando una cultura que es resultado de mezcla hermosa de España, Africa e Indígena. La blusa es de Montage y la falda es reconstruida para tener el efecto de corto y largo, de Socorro Society.

What I wore/ Llevaba puesto:
Shoes: JustFab
Jewelry: J for JMR

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Sedona, Te Amo…

One of my ultimate travel locations within the U.S. has always been Sedona. When my boss told me I had an assigment in Phoenix, AZ the first thing I did was look up the driving distance! I thought a friend of mine was living in Phoenix, but it turned out she had actually moved out to Sedona a few months ago and I was stoked! It was only 1 hour and 20 minutes away from where I was staying. She was working at a fabulous resort, Poco Diablo Resort, in the heart of the Scenic Red Rocks. I went 2 weekends in a row. It was breathtaking! The sunset made the mountains look like they were on fire. I felt so much peace and serenity, I couldn’t help getting a little misty eyed while I sat on a bench watching that incredible sunset. Not to mention, I was also missing my husband. These trips keep getting harder, but I’m glad I have new bucketlist places to check off. More on my Arizona adventures coming soon! Happy Friday!

Uno de mis destinos de sueño dentro de los Estados Unidos siempre ha sido Sedona. Cuando mi jefa me dijo que tenía una tarea en Phoenix, AZ lo primero que hice fue buscar la distancia para guiar. Pensé que una amiga estaba viviendo en Phoenix y me llevé tremenda sorpresa cuando me enteré que estaba viviendo en Sedona hacía unos meses. Sólo queda a 1 hora y 20 minutos y ella trabaja en un hotel fabuloso, el Poco Diablo Resort, en el corazón de las montañas Red Rock. Fui dos fines de semanas de corrido. Estuvo espectacular! Cuando bajó esa puesta de sol, parecía que las montañas estaban encendidas. No pude aguantar la emoción y se me aguaron los ojos ante la belleza natural de ese lugar. Aparte de que estaba extrañando a mi esposo. Estos viajes de trabajo se hacen más difíciles con el tiempo, pero por lo menos puedo marcar unos cuantos lugares de mi lista. Más adelante les mostraré más sobre mis aventuras en Arizona!

What I wore / Llevaba puesto:
Top: Montage
Shorts: TJ Maxx
Jewelry: Huipil Market & Thomas Sabó
Shoes: Just Fab

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