Fitness at the Plaza: InBalance Brings Pilates to the Tobin

Happy Monday, lotuses! Now, I know that nobody is normally this excited about Mondays and much less when it comes to getting our fitness in check, but hear me out! Every week, usually on Fridays, we say things like, “I’ll start working out on Monday.”, right?! Well, here’s your #MondayMotivation for you. It doesn’t matter when you start, as long as you start. This is for YOU! Not for anybody else. Since I started working out at InBalance Studio, I’ve seen incredible results and have so much energy! The classes are so much fun, never boring and it’s always something new. The best thing is that they do FREE community classes where they partner with different entities to give you a taste of what’s happening at the studio. Hope Pedraza, owner of InBalance and Instructor, does not hold back! The community classes are the real deal, be prepared to work a sweat! I took my dear friend and new mom, Marlena, to their most recent event at the Tobin Center Plaza, where they partnered with University Health System for the Fitness on the Plaza series and we WORKED during the hour long Pilates: Rhythm & Flow Class. It had rained all morning so we moved the class indoors, with a beautiful view of the Riverwalk. Thanks for following my fitness journey with InBalance! I still have a little way to go to attain my goal, but I know I’ll be there by Summer!
Check out the video below to see what the class was all about! It was a sweat-fest for sure!
Hope Pedraza (right) and me (left)

*This post is sponsored by InBalance. All opinions are my own*

17 thoughts on “Fitness at the Plaza: InBalance Brings Pilates to the Tobin

  1. I'm loving the motivation you're sharing here, girl! It's not always easy to muster up motivation to work out, since we often have a million reasons why we can't start now, but it's so important! I'm glad you've enjoyed your experience at this facility so far, fha me for sharing!Xo,


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