IGK Hair Product Review with VoxBox

I recently received my first VoxBox from Influenster and was so happy to know that it was haircare! I’m constantly looking for the next best thing when it comes to my hair. They sent me IGK Haircare products to review, and here’s the verdict. I immediately go for the scent, so the first thing I did was smell it all, it was so delicious! The packaging definitely impressed me. I love how cute it is and how it’s all dedicated to a different city, like New York, Miami and Los Angeles. The first thing I tried was the Smoke & Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil. I normally do a co-wash or cleansing conditioner between washes, but I had stopped because it was weighing my hair down, but this particular product was creamy, but light. It left my hair very soft and I barely even needed product after using it. I love it! Then I tried the Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel. Now this I was super skeptical about because I don’t use gel; I use styling creams on my curls. I was extremely surprised to see that the consistency is not a gel at all, it’s actually creamy! It doesn’t leave my hair with a wet look or crunchy, but after using it several times, my hair started to look weighed down, and I’m all about the volume. I’m thinking of using the gel on 2nd day hair or when I straighten it and want a tousled look to see what it does for me. The final product I used was the Beach Club Texture Spray. I used to think that this type of product would never be for hair like mine because they desired look with it is beach waves and I’m a 3C curl type, ain’t no beach waves over here, haha! But, my stylist once use a sea salt spray on my roots and I had the most incredible volume! So, I tried the Texture Spray on my roots, avoiding the rest of my hair to avoid dryness and it was amazing after I blow-dried with the diffuser. 
I feel like these products aren’t necessarily made for my type of hair, but I made them work, and I’m seriously loving the results!
Recientemente recibí productos en mi primer VoxBox a través de Influenster. Me dio tanta alegría encontrar productos de cuidado de cabello! Siempre ando en busca de lo más nuevo para mi cabello y recibí 3 productos de IGK Haircare para probar y he aquí el veredicto. Lo primero que hago siempre es oler mis productos y que deleite con estos 3! Me gustó mucho el empaque, le dedican cada producto a una ciudad diferente como Nueva York, Miami y Los Angeles. Lo primero que probé fue el Smoke & Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil. Normalmente utilizo un acondicionador/limpiador entre lavados, pero los dejé de usar porque me estaba tumbando los rizos. Este producto es cremoso, pero liviano. Me dejó el cabello tan suave que apenas necesitaba productos de estilo! Luego utilicé el Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel. Con este producto estaba un poco escéptica, puesto que yo nunca utilizo gels, sino que productos a base de cremas. Me sorprendió encontrar que la consistencia es cremosa y nada como un gel! Lo único que después de varias veces de usarlo, mi volumen comenzó a bajar, así que probablemente lo use al segundo día de lavarme el cabello. Por último, probé el Beach Club Texture Spray. Érase una vez que pensaba que este tipo de producto nunca sería para mis rizos de textura 3C, hasta que mi estilista lo utilizó en mis raíces para darme volumen. Probé el spray en mis raíces, sin tocar el resto para evitar resequedad y quedó super voluminoso luego de secarme con el difusor. 
En parte, siento que estos productos no son necesariamente para mi tipo de cabello rizado, pero logré hacer que funcionaran para mi y me encantan los resultados!

*This post is sponsored via Influenster. I received the IGK products as a gift in order to provide my honest opinion*

10 thoughts on “IGK Hair Product Review with VoxBox

  1. First of all i love the perfect curl of your hair so bouncy and alive. Lovely hair products it's good to know that it smells so good, never tried a hair product that has a very nice smell hope to have those soon ^^http://itsbeyondimaginations.blogspot.com/


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