My Trip to The Grand Canyon

A lifelong dream of mine has always been to visit the Grand Canyon. I was fortunate enough to plan an impromptu visit to the South Rim with my friend who lives in Sedona, and we just had the time of our lives. I’d never been and she hadn’t gone in 20 years. It was a relatively short drive, only 2 hours and the scenery was breathtaking the entire way there. I was overly excited, lol! As we got closer to the National Park, I kept feeling extremely giddy and jumped in my seat like a kid! When we walked up to the trail, I almost lost my cool. It was absolutely amazing! I’d seen it from a plane, but in person it just so surreal. It almost looks like a painting. I had to take a moment to reflect on the greatness of this Earth and to show my absolute appreciation to the Universe for allowing me to witness this.
Un sueño hecho realidad fue mi visita al Gran Cañón. Tuve la gran fortuna de visitar el Sur de la formación con mi amiga que vive en Sedona y la pasamos de maravilla. Yo nunca lo había visitado y ella no había ido en 20 años. Fue un viaje relativamente corto, a sólo 2 horas guiando y la ruta panorámica estuvo bellísima. Yo estaba demasiado emocionada, ja ja! Mientras nos acercábamos al parque nacional, me sentía que iba a estallar de la emoción y brincaba en mi asiento! Al andar por el camino, casi me da como un ataque de felicidad! Verdaderamente impresionante! Había visto el Cañón desde un avión, pero en persona se ve surreal. Casi parece una pintura! Tuve que tomar un momento para reflexionar sobre la grandeza de este planeta y demostrar mi apreciación hacia el Universo por permitirme vivir esta experiencia.

33 thoughts on “My Trip to The Grand Canyon

  1. I've never been to the Grand Canyon either and would love to go, especially after seeing these photos, how beautiful! I'm sure you and your friend had an amazing time! I also love your cute outfit and I have those same Calvin Klein leggings, they look so good on you! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have the best week ahead!XO,


  2. Thanks, Jalisa! It really is a dream come true to see it in person. Girl, I wanted to look cute, but that heat is something else. Comfort is so important during trips like this, lolXoJeanie


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