Getting Leggy with it

Winter is in full effect and covering our legs now becomes the norm. We still want to wear our skirts and dresses, but the cold weather is unforgiving, so what do we turn to? Tights and leggings, of course. Here are a few of my fave finds to cover up those gams while still looking sexy and chic.

Marks & Spencer’s Limited Edition: London Skyline Tights
Product Image
Limited Collection Baroque Print Leggings
American Apparel – Opaque Tights $14

Image 4 of ASOS Legging with Graphic Studs
Legging with Graphic Studs
Asos Legging

Type-z Salia faux leather panel legging

Ombre Tights - Fuschia
nastygal ombre-tights-fuschia $45

Go for Baroque

The Holidays approach and you plan every outfit for your parties, social gatherings and celebration events. Some events are casual, and some are more formal. Either way the baroque trend has the perfect detailing for all styles. It’s decadent enough for the daring  fashionistas, and classic enough for those who are more reserved. Check out the many ways you can incorporate this trend this Holiday season. Let the festivities begin!


 ASOS Skinny Jeans In Metallic Baroque Print $70.36

Forever 21 Damask Skinny Jeans
River Island

Metal Belts

I’ve been kind of obsessed with these metal plate belts lately and I’ve been looking to buy one, but found it nearly impossible. I finally ordered one from eBay, but to my disappointment it got lost in the mail. I really want to order another one, and I found an amazing one with spikes at my go to online store, Asos, but I fear the post office ladies now have very fashionable accessories thanks to me. Wish me luck!
I just love how it can be dressed down

Or accentuate a formal gown